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young jack bauer!
Reason is not my gift.
Bella to me.
Intense >.<

I don't get why everyone's head over heels over Cullen when BELLA's THE INTRIGUING ONE. Or maybe because so much about her. Haha yup I've finally watched Twilight...!

When you want the best for someone, and keep wanting to bring her back, (subconsciously thinking that's the best) even though you yourself aren't that sure anymore even for yourself, what to make of that.

I wonder where we'll be 10 years down the road. What would I do if I were to die tomorrow, would I choose as I would now? Would I really be happy? Why can't I excavate these 10 odd years of enculturation/ socialization? Have my thoughts been going around in circles, and for how long?

Had this really morbid thought of me making a speech at your funeral!! -___-

no more for tonight! freudian slipped already >.

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omg, twilight is nothing compared to THE HOURS. go watch it man! and yea, the READER IS NICE TOO:)

twilight is overrated. haha.

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