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Red and Black
young jack bauer!
are some shots
of a birthday card
I made
for a friend.
haha yay for handmade cards :]
Very time consuming but it's worth it.
I know the cover (V) isn't very creative but... it's what's inside that matters right? ;)
always had a fetish for red&black, and BORDERS. They're my weakness, I swear!

The inspiration for this card?
Got it while showering at 4am. no shit, hahaa.
So basically everything is go with the flow.
Most of the time I've no idea how the design will develop.
Just random ideas and just go with the flow. Didn't I just say that?
Any comments? :]

I wonder if I'll ever be good enough to do proper card designing..
I'll upload yingmin's one WHEN I'VE PASSED IT TO HER

Anyway I am :(

p.s. ooh i should've added some embellishments:
multicolored puddles on the floor,
some tones on the bathtub.
the drips shouldn't have stopped when the second frame did.

now that i've time to look it over it ain't that fantastic :P
but i'm still proud of it hahaa :D
and arms propped up on the sides! and weird random stuffs! 
and NO THEME!?!!

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haha its been a long while since i've logged into my livejournal..butt

wow this card is amazinggg

i wonder how mine looks like =)

haha really? =) I think there's much to be desired lorh.

I started on a card-making spree recently... really very time-consuming.

cu on sunday! what are you getting her?


omg i love handmade cards! super nice!:)

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