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young jack bauer!

Augusten Burroughs
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"But there's something in me that just keeps going on. I think it has something to do with tomorrow, that there is always one, and that everything can change when it comes."

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young jack bauer!
...but you'll fight and you'll make it through. You'll fake it if you have to, and you'll show up for work with a smile. - Rilo Kiley

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young jack bauer!
is it me is it me :]

A La Rice
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all alone against the world outside
you were searching
for a place to hide

and so love will keep us alive.

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young jack bauer!
Late night hunger pangs AGAIN! >.<
comfy shoes from Sembonia :) Shopping's far from done, unless Imma assign myself a one-shirt-per-working-day routine :/

Will I ever stop stating the obvious, recounting the day's happenings, rambling and emo-ing? LOL. Guess I don't really care if what i write interests people or not. Ha.


What hairstyle/cut should I get?? Hair's thick, quite long, Unmanageable. Hairspray? O.o

Panda's such a cutie pie! ^^ He's really huge for a 3-month old!
My parents and sis will suffer my wrath if you-know-what happens. Why get a dog if you're not gonna love and take care of it??? Dogs aren't all the same, you can't compare one to the other! And they don't think like us humans do! So stop making ridiculous expectations and comments regarding a THREE-MONTH OLD PUPPY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

I'd cuddle him to sleep but he's not allowed in-house :(


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young jack bauer!
Reason is not my gift.
Bella to me.
Intense >.<

I don't get why everyone's head over heels over Cullen when BELLA's THE INTRIGUING ONE. Or maybe because so much about her. Haha yup I've finally watched Twilight...!

When you want the best for someone, and keep wanting to bring her back, (subconsciously thinking that's the best) even though you yourself aren't that sure anymore even for yourself, what to make of that.

I wonder where we'll be 10 years down the road. What would I do if I were to die tomorrow, would I choose as I would now? Would I really be happy? Why can't I excavate these 10 odd years of enculturation/ socialization? Have my thoughts been going around in circles, and for how long?

Had this really morbid thought of me making a speech at your funeral!! -___-

no more for tonight! freudian slipped already >.

Red and Black
young jack bauer!
are some shots
of a birthday card
I made
for a friend.
haha yay for handmade cards :]
Very time consuming but it's worth it.
I know the cover (V) isn't very creative but... it's what's inside that matters right? ;)
always had a fetish for red&black, and BORDERS. They're my weakness, I swear!

The inspiration for this card?
Got it while showering at 4am. no shit, hahaa.
So basically everything is go with the flow.
Most of the time I've no idea how the design will develop.
Just random ideas and just go with the flow. Didn't I just say that?
Any comments? :]

I wonder if I'll ever be good enough to do proper card designing..
I'll upload yingmin's one WHEN I'VE PASSED IT TO HER

Anyway I am :(

p.s. ooh i should've added some embellishments:
multicolored puddles on the floor,
some tones on the bathtub.
the drips shouldn't have stopped when the second frame did.

now that i've time to look it over it ain't that fantastic :P
but i'm still proud of it hahaa :D
and arms propped up on the sides! and weird random stuffs! 
and NO THEME!?!!

Men's Health! *thumps chest* (and Shape :P )
young jack bauer!
I rather enjoy working with my g e nnn d e rrr s t uuu d i eee s project group :] <-- attempting to keep this from being googled haa. There are 4 girls and 1 guy in our group: V, R, X and finally, P. I won't talk about P cuz I barely know him. Well down to the point, this is one of the best proj groups i've had in my entire uni life!

I'm really learning a lot from working with them - all of them are so unique and capable in their own way. Through my times of interaction with them, I'm seeing my flaws - of judging people to quickly; which made me reflect upon the fact that I myself hate people for being judgemental (esp upon first impression)(well who doesn't?).

V is the one I click with the best. We both like to laugh very much. She's really observant and quite a good judge of ppl's character. gets things done efficiently too. She is SUPER COMICAL until mou dak deng, can act like nobody's business, hahah! I still feel it's 'fate' that we befriended each other!

R - successful career woman! haha.. super organized and driven. Amazingly, she's only tried Japanese food twice in her entire life! and I KNOW she's not lying cuz she didn't even know what tempura was -.- and stood in front of the Japanese stall looking (and acting) a whole lot like a tourist. heheh.

X - quiet, but unknown to us she and her whole family are CAMWHORES! she showed us a pic of her family... wah, she, her sis, mum, brother, bro's gf, and even the DAD, were making cutey cutey looks for the shot. LOL.

sad to say when we're together, we're hopeless gossips. Tried to discourage them but it doesn't work hahah. 

I'm really looking forward to cycling outings and wii and ps3 and everything else with them after exams :D


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